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Map of Salt Lake County, Utah

Salt Lake County,

Population: 1.15 million

Salt Lake County is the largest county in the state of Utah. The Partnerships project was led by the Salt Lake County (SLC) Health Department (HD). During the planning phase, SLCHD collected and analyzed internal data sets to determine the scope and environment for opioid and other drug threats in the county. Based on its analyses, SLCHD implemented the following activities:

  • Created the Social Determinants of Health Integrated Virtual Exchange (SD-HIVE), a data warehouse with a master person index (MPI), to promote data sharing and linkage across the county. Project partners included the SLC Department of Human Services, SLC Behavioral Health Services, the SLC Sheriff’s Office, SLC Criminal Justice Services, health care providers, and other community providers. Initially, SLCHD focused on linking internal data sets that were de-identified by an honest broker and connected through unique identifiers. To support SD-HIVE’s long-term stability, SLCHD developed a data governance structure and capacity to support adding external data sets. Internal analytics detected hot spots and trends, harmonized county agency service delivery, evaluated interventions, and provided data for visualization on internal and external dashboards.
  • Developed a paid internship program for certified peer support specialists (CPSS) at behavioral health and social services agencies across the county. These internship placements helped CPSS fulfill their certification requirements and increase the peer workforce capacity in the county.
  • Funded a peer mentor position for individuals who experienced a nonfatal overdose in the emergency department, through a partnership between SLC Behavioral Services and SLC Criminal Justice Services.