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Map of Pueblo County, Colorado

Pueblo County,

Population: 166,475

Pueblo County is located in South-Central Colorado. The Partnerships project was led by the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE). During the planning phase, PDPHE collected and analyzed data from law enforcement, hospitals and behavioral health providers, emergency services, the department of human services, harm reduction providers, and coroners’ offices. Based on its analyses, PDPHE implemented the following activities:

  • Enhanced data sharing and analysis from a wide range of community partners, including law enforcement, emergency response services, the department of human services, coroners’ offices, harm reduction providers, schools, homelessness and housing services, behavioral health providers, and hospitals. The data was used to create a public-facing dashboard.
  • Supported data collection activities from community homeless services via the Coordinated Entry Homeless Management Information System to identify vulnerable residents with substance use disorders and connect them to resources and peer support.
  • Implemented peer support services as part of the Jail-based Behavioral Health Services and Community Re-entry programming to support continuity of care for individuals released from incarceration.
  • Implemented a quick response team (QRT) through the Pueblo Fire Department that includes peer support specialists. The QRT provides outreach and follow-up to individuals who have suffered an overdose.
  • Created a peer network among the different agencies delivering peer support services to expand community access and collaboration.